Dins la Unitat d´indagació ,aquesta setmana  comencem amb les esperades comarques!!

Com sabeu hi ha moltes maneres d’estudiar.Teniu el mapa que anirem treballant a classe i els llibres de consulta, però sens dubte la millor  i més divertida manera de fer-ho, és  jugant.

Aquí us deixarem uns quants enllaços que us ajudaran a estudiar, tot jugant.

Recordeu que no estudiarem totes les comarques al mateix temps , ho anirem fent per parts, així que millor que treballeu les primeres que haguem d’estudiar.

Començarem per les comarques del litoral,després les d’interior i per  últim les de muntanya .

A les vostres agendes ja teniu assignats els dies  de les diferents proves individuals i més endavant les de la presentació del treball en equip.




UI 2 People, cultures and societies

New Unit,

Kid President is going to help you answer this question:

Who can change the future?

If we are going to make positive changes, first we will set ourselves a goal; How can we become better citizens?

One way of achieving that is to learn how to agree with others. Here is some useful advice:

Write down the key factors that will help you disagree nicely and negociate agreement.

Planet project

Let’s learn about each planet in detail:

In teams of two, you are going to research and prepare a presentation about the planet or satellite you have been assigned. You will get a point for including the following information:

  1. Distance from the Sun
  2. Colour and size: How does it look like? How big is it?
  3. Composition: What is it made of?
  4. Temperature and weather / conditions
  5. Satellites, moons, rings
  6. How long is its orbit? (In Earth years or days)
  7. Interesting information or activities to practice what we have learned
  8. Sources of information

The remaining 2 points will be awarded for teamwork, use of materials and time and communication skills. Your presentation must be clear, interesting and accurate.

Before you start, click on Science and take a look at the links.

We will sing the We are the planets song in class, try to learn some of the lyrics and we’ll have some fun while we learn a lot.



La Síl.laba

Aquests dies a les classes de Llengua  hem començat a repassar la síl·laba.

Tot indagant vocabulari relacionat amb la Unitat del Sistema Solar, hem anat aprenent a separar, distingir i  classificar síl·labes.

Us animem a continuar practicant amb aquests jocs i recordar que a l´enllaç de català en trobareu molts més.

genmagic silaba2 indice-mm sense-titol indicett


The planets in the Solar System

Hi space explorers! Are you ready to take off? Welcome to Unit of Inquiry 1: THE SOLAR SYSTEM

Your mission is to learn the names of the planets in our Solar System in order, starting from the planet which is closest to the Sun, which one is it? Take a look at this picture and watch this fun video:


Imagen de previsualización de YouTube

You will get further instructions soon. Keep your radar switched on.

Ground Control.